At inquisitive minds, we do not stop at just asking the right questions. Since we tend to question everything, more often; the answers are not readily available.

Intuitively, the next step is to design and manufacture.

Wearable Electronics

Other than custom made designs for corporate functions & parties, Inquisitive Minds ventures into regions where no one else experiments. With the latest in El wire technology, Inquisitive Minds has devised shirts that lights up with audible sound frequency. So whether you are getting ready for a party or your team wants to appreciate customers for talking to them, we will help you impress.


Organic Cotton

Inquisitive Minds has teamed up with various organic cotton farms from around the world to bring chemical free cotton into the region.You can find our chemical free organic cotton shirts for kids in Change Initiative store starting July 2013.


Shelfs & Cabinets

Our design team had decided to put scrap wood to good use by making display shelf out of them.Our shelves are used in various outlets such as Change Initiative store where they are put into good use to hang clothes.