From a mother’s womb to a world that he wakes into, the human race is always observing, learning and creating. He will not stop until he reaches the stars. From his early stage, he looks around the world with a curiosity and adapts himself to this world as he grows. Everything around him is a stimulation to understand and learn. So as a beginner, toys have a major role to play in developing these young minds at all levels.

Toys have come a long way from just being an object of a child’s fascination to an instrument that plants seeds into their inquisitive minds. But of course, there is a catch: It has to be interesting.


At Inquisitive Minds, our team is always on a lookout for those particular toys that excel under each or all of our four criteria. Play, Learn, Discover or Invent.Therefore, we are proud distributors for such brands like Gigo, adaFruit ( By lady Ada) and OpenPicus  that bring out products that fit perfectly into a class of toys for fun and learning.