Brilliant products require brilliant marketing.

Dart and bull's eye copyright Bill Frymire June 2004

With this goal in mind, Inquisitive Minds assigns dedicated engineers to:

a. Market the product in the region starting with UAE, moving on to Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and even the Indian Sub-continent.
b. Provide level 1 / level 2 presentations / technical clarifications, to be able to make our principle’s visit to the region fruitful.
c. Provide complete insight into the pricing and competitive aspects of the quotes that would go out in the market.
d. Competitive research and analytics to empower our principle for right pricing and product placement in the region.
f. Suggest our principle about the best partners for implementation in various markets / territories and market segments.
g. Provide our principle access to our 30 years of combined sales and marketing experience of the region; and in that signup to credible targets in terms of sales to the company.
h. Provide information regarding prospecting clients / negotiating clients, new and created opportunities in the form of a live sales pipeline (Accessible through our portal for clients).
i. Provide Monthly reports of the activities and meetings / minutes that can also be accessed through our portal. Provide constant follow ups and project status through ourselves and our field engineers and contacts in the market.
j. Specify our principle’s product through various consultants, such that even if a project goes to tender, all tenderers need to use the specified product.


cleversafe_logoOur Distinguished portfolio includes:

1)   Cleversafe

Cleversafe designs, develops, operates and markets a secure data storage grid that will transform the way businesses and consumers store digital information.Backed by CIA and used by the major players of Data Centers over the world, Cleversafe is the first storage company to build a 10 Exabyte storage system. Storage systems availability and reliability are unparalleled in the industry. Inquisitive Minds provides the required marketing and technical support to have a center of Excellence for Cleversafe in the Middle East.


2)    Unitek

unitekUNITEK became one of the leading UPS manufacturers in South India with sales and service network at different locations and more than 100000 plus on-line installations to its credit. UNITEK is one among a few companies in South India to have a complete manufacturing set-up such as Fabrication, Painting shop, PCB manufacturing, Magnetic division etc. under one roof. This added advantage facilitates UNITEK to manufacture systems which is oriented to the customer & project requirement, and they constantly innovate and upgrade product quality and utility.