The Future belongs to the Curious

From new partnerships, new business relations to finally new friends. The last few months saw us conducting our first few training seminars and also a surge in sales on the Open Source Hardware Front. We have had some ups and some downs, we increased the team and also lost some good friends to larger organizations. But one this for sure, this has been a roller coaster ride.

Our flagship website, Brainlab360.com has just seen a light of the day and we find it to our appeal. But to the guys who want to start an online business in Dubai. Get ready for everyone telling you it wont work. It probably wont, but you do have to try dont you. As long as there is a clear objective and vision about what you want to do, Dubai provides a sort of interesting atmosphere to experiment with your ideas. It does not come cheap, it comes at a price; and that’s what is keeping you from trying. We just want to tell all of you who are trying, jump in, its fun. I mean there are good days and bad days, the good are so good that you are thankful that you did not listen to that tiny voice in your head saying, its too risky. But when the bad days come in you regret every bit of the same experience. But then so is marriage, for that matter even dating. That did not stop us, so why an exception in this case ?

Good / Bad / Interesting or Boring, the task at hand is to build a company and that requires time and dedication. Time is an factor and for us 2 who started, with new born babies. Time is a much larger factor. But we have to keep marching on. From the day we said lets do it until now, where we are floating in the Dubai Market we have already seen a lot of ups and downs, and through this all there is only one thing that is keeping us going. The Inquisitive nature of asking whats next, or the curiosity to explore a new idea or a new direction.

I am reminded of a saying that my teacher had probably borrowed from somewhere, “The Future belongs to the Curious” and we want the future, now.

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